In the beginning of March it was finally confirmed. We’re moving to Shanghai! Back to China! Omg omg! My husband Robert and I have been dreaming of a chance to move to Shanghai, and here it is, suddenly, just like that. Unbelievable!  

We were counting on arriving in Shanghai in the beginning of May, but due to many reasons the move was delayed over and over again. Slightly frustrating to say the least, but who cares anymore, because now it’s finally time! This week has been crazy – packing, cleaning, deregistering this and that, sending off a container of our furniture, holding our breaths if we are granted visas or not… Luckily all went well, and here I am with my passport, 8 suitcases and a happy husband, ready to go to the airport and leave Copenhagen, my home for the past 3,5 years.

So what’s the plan for this new life, you ask. Why are we moving? Well, it’s all happening thanks to my husband’s work. Robert accepted a new position in his company, which means relocating to China. Unfortunately for me this also means leaving my exciting job in digital marketing, but at the same time it gives me the chance to do something that I’ve been dreaming of the past few years – study Mandarin full-time. So starting July, I will be cramming and pulling my hair five days a week at Jiao Tong University. Wish me luck, haha! What happens after that remains to be seen. I’m just trying to embrace this feeling of opportunity with all the positivity and open-mindedness in the world.

Robert and I have lived in China before in 2009-2013, so we have a pretty good idea of what we’re getting ourselves into. But at the same time China evolves at such an insane pace, so let’s see if today’s reality even closely matches our expectations and perceptions. I guess we’ll find out very soon – can’t wait!

Time to go. Wish me luck folks. And welcome to the blog and my new adventures. See you in Shanghai!

Me, super happy and excited, two days before take-off.


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