Shanghai sunrise the bund

Happy new year! We’re two weeks into 2018, and I just accomplished one of my new year’s resolutions – seeing and photographing the sunrise on The Bund. Yeah!

I got up super early this morning, put on my warmest clothes and fluffiest pair of Uggs, got a Mobike on the street, and enjoyed a 30-minute brisk bike ride down the dark, quiet streets of Shanghai. And it was so worth it.

Being one of Shanghai’s biggest attractions and best-known landmarks, The Bund is usually packed with people. But early mornings are very different. The waterfront walkway is quiet and peaceful, with locals coming out to exercise, practice tai chi and fly kites. And the view is spectacular with the sun rising behind Pudong’s iconic skyline.

This morning, the atmosphere was amazing. So much calmness and energy at the same time.

I arrived at about 6:15, approximately half an hour before sunrise. I wish I’d gotten there about 15-20 minutes earlier to catch the moments of first light and color behind Pudong… oh well, next time! And I’m definitely coming back – I’ve been dying to see masters practicing tai chi with a Pudong sunrise backdrop, but couldn’t find any this morning.

What a good start of a new, productive week. Happy Monday!

Shanghai sunrise the bund

Shanghai sunrise the bund

Shanghai sunrise the bund

Shanghai sunrise the bund

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