With China relaxing more and more domestic travel restrictions, I’m itching to hop on a plane to one of the many places still on my China bucket list. 


Is it really a good idea? Is it safe? Is it too soon? 

I know that there is no way that the Chinese government would allow people to travel around the country if there was any significant risk of more outbreaks. But still, I hesitate. And seems I’m not the only one. 

I turned to Instagram to ask people in China what their thoughts are on domestic travel at this point. Almost 200 users participated in the poll, and here are the results. 


What are your thoughts on domestic travel? Is it safe already, or still too soon?

61% says they feel safe, and 39% thinks it’s too soon.


Did you already travel somewhere?

40% already did, 60% didn’t.


If not, are you more worried about getting sick or getting stuck somewhere in China if there’s a new outbreak?

The clear majority of 78% is more concerned about getting stuck due to travel restrictions and quarantine lockdown, and only 22% worry about getting sick.

I’m really excited to see that so many already feel fully comfortable with getting back on the road. I’m also in the same boat with a big chunk of my Instagram network with not feeling very concerned about getting sick, but definitely still worried about potentially getting stuck.

China is incredibly effective in implementing preventative measures, which I’m more than grateful for as it has allowed us to feel extremely safe during the pandemic. But that also means you don’t want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or it could be a good while until you’re allowed to return home.

For now, I think I’ll be happy with staycations in Shanghai and the surrounding areas, starting with day trips to Hangzhou and Suzhou next week. But if things keep looking as positive as they are now, I don’t see any reason not to book a trip for next month. Fingers crossed and can’t wait!

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