So this blog is about Shanghai, correct?
That’s right, it’s all about my adventures in China and beyond! Shanghaista is a blog for anyone with an interest in Shanghai, whether you’re here on the ground or watching the city from afar. Stay tuned for things to do and places to see, travel inspiration, attempts to stay fit and healthy, day-to-day stuff, and more. I love photography, so expect loads of pictures!

And who are you?
I’m Jenna, a Shanghai based entrepreneur and photographer from Finland. My Swedish husband and I have lived and worked in China for 8 years; first in Beijing, then Chongqing, and since 2016 in Shanghai. We tried moving back to Europe for a while, but really started to miss the craziness and excitement of China. So here we are :) 

“Shanghaista”… Is that like “fashionista” with a Shanghai-twist?
I knew you’d think that, but actually no! “Shanghaista” means “from Shanghai” or “about Shanghai” in Finnish, which makes it the perfect name for my blog.