So this blog is about Shanghai, correct?
That’s right, it’s all about my adventures in China and beyond! Shanghaista is a blog for anyone with an interest in Shanghai, whether you’re watching the city from afar, passing by on your travels, are a fellow expat, or even local. Stay tuned for restaurant tips, things to do and places to see, travel inspiration, attempts to stay fit and healthy, day-to-day stuff, and more!

And who are you?
I’m Jenna, a Finnish expat living in China for a second time in my life. My Swedish husband and I spent a few years in Beijing and Chongqing in 2009-2013. After returning to Europe for some time, we really started to miss the craziness and excitement of China, so here we are – back for round 2!

“Shanghaista”… Is that like “fashionista” with a Shanghai-twist?
I knew you’d think that, but actually no! “Shanghaista” means “from Shanghai” or “about Shanghai” in Finnish, which makes it the perfect name for my blog. :)