Sunrise on The Bund

Shanghai sunrise the bund

Happy new year! We’re two weeks into 2018, and I just accomplished one of my new year’s resolutions – seeing and photographing the sunrise on The Bund. Yeah!

I got up super early this morning, put on my warmest clothes and fluffiest pair of Uggs, got a Mobike on the street, and enjoyed a 30-minute brisk bike ride down the dark, quiet streets of Shanghai. And it was so worth it.

Being one of Shanghai’s biggest attractions and best-known landmarks, The Bund is usually packed with people. But early mornings are very different. The waterfront walkway is quiet and peaceful, with locals coming out to exercise, practice tai chi and fly kites. And the view is spectacular with the sun rising behind Pudong’s iconic skyline.

This morning, the atmosphere was amazing. So much calmness and energy at the same time.

I arrived at about 6:15, approximately half an hour before sunrise. I wish I’d gotten there about 15-20 minutes earlier to catch the moments of first light and color behind Pudong… oh well, next time! And I’m definitely coming back – I’ve been dying to see masters practicing tai chi with a Pudong sunrise backdrop, but couldn’t find any this morning.

What a good start of a new, productive week. Happy Monday!

Shanghai sunrise the bund

Shanghai sunrise the bund

Shanghai sunrise the bund

Shanghai sunrise the bund

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First Day Shanghai Vibes

We made it! After a long day and night of traveling Robert and I finally arrived in Shanghai, our new home. The trip went really well and all of our 8 suitcases made it all the way, yay! Our flight was from Copenhagen via Helsinki with Finnair, which is the fastest and best way to get from Europe to Asia, no doubt (no, I’m not bias at all).

We were lucky enough to arrive in style and travel in business class, which was absolutely brilliant on board Finnair’s brand new Airbus A350 XWB. Delicious food, comfy full-flat seats, wifi connection  and excellent cabin crew who kept the champagne flowing made the 8,5 hour flight pass by very fast. What a great way to set the mood for our new life! Wish I could fly like that every time.

Our flight arrived early Saturday morning at Shanghai Pudong airport, where we had a car waiting to drive us to the city. After a 45 minute ride we got to our temporary home for the next 2-3 months. Earlier this week we sent off a container of furniture and home goods from Copenhagen, so once it arrives a couple of months from now we will be able to move in to a “proper” apartment. In the meantime we’re staying at Fraser Residence Shanghai, a serviced apartment complex with a great location right on the east side of the Xintiandi area in downtown Puxi.

The first day in my new city went by nicely. Robert and I walked around the new neighborhood, shopped for groceries, unpacked, napped, and had pictures taken for residence permit applications (btw not a great idea when you’re in total zombie-jet-lag-mode, most unflattering pics ever).

In the evening we kept it simple and had dinner at Mayita, a Mexican restaurant in the Fraser Residence building. The restaurant has a beautiful outdoor terrace with a great view of the Pudong skyline to the east. I’ve had dinner there once before and wasn’t actually that impressed, but since we were feeling lazy and tired we decided to give it another try. And so happy we did – this time I ordered a bunch of soft shell tacos and they were delicious! My favorite was the fish taco, yum. Pair that with the gorgeous view and we were once again full of energy.

We (and about a million others) decided to end the evening with a walk on Shanghai’s most well-known landmark, The Bund. It’s definitely a must-visit place if you are in Shanghai, but try to make it on a clear night (or day), as the view of Pudong is just stunning. It’s certainly not bad in the daytime, but as any skyline, the night makes it something very special.

That about sums up our first day as residents of Shanghai. I gotta say I’m feeling pretty awesome about the whole thing. Just can’t wait for this hangoverish jet-lag feeling to pass and really start exploring. Stay tuned!


Happy traveler all ready to go!


Aboard Finnair’s Airbus 350 XWB’s Business Class. Love.


It was obviously going to be a good flight.


Champagne, please!


Fraser Residence Shanghai – my new home.


Huaihai Middle Road, around the corner from Fraser Residence.


Xintiandi, Shanghai. Very cool area with hundreds of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars.


A quiet street in Xintiandi.


Crossing of Huaihai Road and Xizang South Road, around the corner from Fraser Residence.


Lovely terrace at Mayita, very relaxed vibe with colorful tables, palm trees and latin music.


Mayita’s Classic Margarita on the Rocks, delish!


Tired but happy. Soon to be even happier after excellent tacos.


Tacos, yum. Fish, chicken & chorizo and pork belly.


The view from The Bund, beautiful Pudong.

Version 2

Taking it all in.